Affordable one-to-one tattooing tuition and mentoring: Intensive one day courses to suit your specific needs


Based in sunny Sheffield in the centre of the UK, I offer two types of course which can be tailored to suit your needs:

One day course: £175
Two day course: £275

Feel lost and alone? Learn to tattoo: simple!

No more confusion and information overload – a choice of one-to-one courses designed to meet your own personal needs: From complete beginners to journeymen with a few kinks to work out, I can put together a training day to suit you.

I offer an opportunity like no other. There is simply no need to spend thousands on expensive tuition when the bulk of your learning (artwork and practice) can be done in your own time.
My years of tattooing experience and qualifications as a teacher have allowed me to simplify the often overwhelming process of learning to tattoo and condense all the essential knowledge into one short, accessible course of one to two days depending on you. I will also happily stay in touch by email and telephone to offer help and guidance throughout your personal learning process. If required, additional training days can be arranged.

I pioneered one-to-one to one tattoo training several years ago and a great many of my former students are now enjoying success and earning their living as professional tattoo artists. You can join their ranks with a bespoke training day starting from just £175.

Please be aware that it can take a great deal of time and practice to become a skilled tattoo artist.
I don’t claim to make a tattooist out of you in a day but I can provide you with all the information, help and guidance you will need to achieve your goals.


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